Arrival to Vrsac

Vrsac is based in southeast part of Banat, remoted 80 km from
Belgrade. If you coming to Vrsac from Belgrade side, it would be the best to look for Pancevacki most in Belgrade, cross it and follow rute Pancevo – Vrsac.

If you coming from interior of Serbia by highway, it would be good to take turn off at Smederevo and Kovin.
When crossing Danube river and enter Kovin, one should follow road sign towards Bela Crkva and after that towards Vrsac (additional 30 km from Bela Crkva).

If you comming from north or western Vojvodina, you should follow road for Zrenjanin and then take road from Zrenjanin over Plandiste, towards Vrsac.

You should be careful about police patrols and radars!!! They are based mostly ahead of cities or smaller cities, but also on the road before Vrsac.

Finding and take-offs

Two take-offs are on Vrsacki breg (Vrsac hill), that you can't miss. Vrsacki breg is the highest point in Vojvodina and Vrsacka kula dominates over city of Vrsac. Third take off is close to Kustilj village, 10km away from Vrsac. Once you are in Vrsac, everyone will explain you how to reach Vrsacka kula or Kustilj.

Main take-offs:

• Take-off: Kula, at 400 m. (GPS N 45’07.379, E 021’19.529)
• Landing: Airport Vrsac at 100 m. (GPS N 45’07.956, E 021’18.929)
Djakov vrh
• Take-off: Djakov vrh, at 400 m. (GPS N 45’07.316, E 021’20.833)
• Landing: Djakovo dno, at 150 m. (GPS N 45’06.376, E 021’20.771)
• Take-off: Take-off: Kustilj, at 150 m. (GPS N 45’02.584, E 021’23.647)
• Landing: Kustilj sletiste, at 80m. (GPS N 45’02.361, E 021’23.816)